“Two kinds of companies will ultimately be more successful, prosperous, and profitable: those with richer, more accurate information about their customers and products than their competitors and those that have the same quality of information as their competitors but get it sooner.” - Forrester
Fact based decision making processes provide a competitive advantage to organizations, which are at the same time also facing ever expanding regulatory reporting requirements. The importance of data analytics is therefore growing at a high pace. Businesses have an increasing demand for collecting and maintaining data in order to feed their information crunching processes but realize that building and renovating data warehouses is expensive and time consuming. They fall short to address business requirements in a correct and timely manner.
At Automade we are committed to match the ever-increasing information appetite of the business while constructing analytical solutions in an agile manner.   We therefore automate the tedious aspects of creating, maintaining and testing the back-end environment. This is what is called “Data Warehouse Automation”.

It is all about

  • Increasing the productivity of the data warehouse developer
  • Improving time-to-value
  • Reducing repetitive, manual tasks freeing up resources for higher-value tasks
  • Improving quality and consistency of the code
  • Insuring a timely response to changing business requirements


About us

AutoMade is a spin-off of the successful Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence practice of MindThegap, which is also part of the Cronos Group.

AutoMade groups a number of highly experienced people specializing in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data, who have been utilizing best-of-breed tools and proven methods and techniques.

Over the years our team members have acquired valuable insight on what it takes to build and deliver analytical solutions. 

We are committed to bringing the benefits of data and analytics to the stakeholders of private businesses and public organization in the right way and in the right time. 

We do this by automating the tedious tasks when building or renovating data warehouse environments.